Tours as a Tool for Change
Tours as a Tool for Change

Dutch colonial period connected to native American and African heritage

Jennifer Tosh 

Black Heritage Tours
Counterculture Tour on NDSM

Crisis as a point of opportunity, will the Amsterdam Counterculture save the city?

Berber & Fabian

Fair Trade- Being aware of the past, changing the future

This tour will change the way you eat chocolate, the way you consume, and the way you see the world.


Henk Jan & Berber

Mystery City Games Historical Treasure Hunt

Reinventing the way we

explore cities


Urban Farming as a piece of the puzzle

A Walk to Restore Nature 


Who Is Amsterdam Tour 

The best of Amsterdam

in the most personal way.


Alexandra Gudowski  

Amsterdam Underground Tour

Walking the streets with those who live on them

Amsterdam Underground

Red Light District: Beyond the Curtains

Ready to have a look beyond, not just behind, the curtains? 

Berber &  Katjalisa

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