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Tours as a Tool for Change
Tours as a Tool for Change

This incredible tour journey focuses on the Dutch colonial period connected to Native American and African Heritage.
 The tour Informs, inspires and educates, whether you are a descendant, educator, student, local or international traveler, the tour is for everyone who is interested in learning more about these 'hidden histories'. 

Dutch colonial period connected to native American and African heritage

Jennifer Tosh 

Black Heritage Tours
Counterculture Tour on NDSM

Crisis as a point of opportunity, will the Amsterdam Counterculture save the city?

Berber & Fabian


Tours that Matter will take you around the old NDSM ship wharf and tell you about Amsterdam Counterculture. Berber & Fabian both  squatted for about a decade and they will blend their own experiences with the history of Amsterdam Counterculture and the lessons we can take with us for the present crisis. You will visit the Fuse Art exposition and get a tour from Jolanda Landslot, who gives the artists perspective on the matter.

Fair Trade- Being aware of the past, changing the future

This tour will change the way you eat chocolate, the way you consume, and the way you see the world.


Henk Jan & Berber

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Tours that Matter will take you on a tour in the Cacao Museum where you can find out more about the history of cacao. Did you know Chocolate was invented in Amsterdam, and that it still has the biggest cacao harbour? The Cacao museum is not only a place where you can taste samples of the best chocolate the world has to offer, it is a place that creates awareness about the history of the cacao trade.The history of Dutch Trade is a history of tremendous success but also of painful suffering. Mistakes from the past give us the possibility to do things differently in the present. All the bars in the museum are made with fair trade beans and some even arrived with fair-transport! 

Mystery City Games Historical Treasure Hunt

Reinventing the way we

explore cities


MCG Bag A.jpg

Mystery City Games create historical treasure hunts. These interactive games challenge small teams to explore cities, solve puzzles and unlock historical mysteries.


All the games are based on true stories from our history. The puzzles provide a tactile, imaginative way to engage with the city around you.


Urban Farming as a piece of the puzzle

A Walk to Restore Nature 



Tours that Matter visits Joao at community garden Oost Indisch groen. Urban farming is a way to reconnect to the way our food is grown. It offers possibilities for Amsterdammers, environmentalists, city planners and gardeners. Urban farms can be the front line of the food system. By reconnecting to the way our food is grown we find our way back to many aspects of food we have lost as a culture. Get inspired to change the way you think, eat and consume!  

Who Is Amsterdam Tour 

The best of Amsterdam

in the most personal way.


Alexandra Gudowski  

WIAT Ari Leeeelijk tour picture.jpg

The concept is simple. Travellers get to discover Amsterdam’s most iconic themes in the most personal way. During the experience, they not only learn about the history, facts and figures of the city, they also get the unique opportunity to connect with Amsterdammers who embody a topic Amsterdam is famous for. Think a sex worker, a coffeeshop owner, a mobile bike mechanic, and more.


During the live stream, creator of Who Is Amsterdam Tours, Alexandra Gudowski, will share with us the concept, and how it contributes to a better city balance. 

Amsterdam Underground Tour

Walking the streets with those who live on them

Amsterdam Underground


Amsterdam Underground is a cooperative. The guides are all owners and earn their income with their work. The guides often had to live as homeless and deal with the consequences of substance use. In these difficult circumstances they have developed knowledge and skills that they now use positively while guiding the city walks.

Red Light District: Beyond the Curtains

Ready to have a look beyond, not just behind, the curtains? 

Berber &  Katjalisa

The Red light district is one of the most complex areas in Amsterdam where different ideals and visions clash and co-exist. Our mission is to give some of these special initiatives, people and places a moment to speak for themselves.

Who are they? What do they do? What does the Red light District mean to them?


Join Tours that Matter for a walk through the Wallen. You’ll ‘meet’ Bernadette from ‘We live here’, a neighborhood initiative that promotes the ideas of a ‘green light district’, Sunny from My red light, the one and only non profit brothel in Amsterdam and Tim from the Upcycle, a shop that introduces you to the power of upcycling. 

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