Reinvent Tourism

community driven, innovative, sustainable and fun!

Reinvent Tourism is an Amsterdam based movement with a vision to reinvent tourism as a force for good. We work with a diversity of organisations within and beyond tourism. Together, we create new products and practices with a positive impact. We envision a city that invites its visitors to enjoy contributing to sustainability, cross-cultural connection, public art works and other mutually enriching activity. You are what you bring!

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Meet The Team

Our Story

In 2018 a group of people in Amsterdam got together to transform tourism into a force for good. A movement which started with a group of local pioneers has become a growing network of hotels, businesses, educational institutions, researchers, city guides, social enterprises, non-profit organisations, museums, artists, the local tourism board and many others. 

Together we develop new tourism concepts that contribute to the city, it's people and the world at large. What if tourism isn’t the problem, but the solution? As mankind faces major global challenges in the decades to come, the meeting of individuals from different cultures represents a fantastic opportunity to join forces and explore new opportunities.

Our Partners

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