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Our newest Initiative: Positive Tourism Hub
Online Meeting 8-12-2023 at 9:00am

Positive Tourism Hub 
For Regenerative Tourism in Amsterdam and beyond

Within the framework of Tourban, Reinvent Tourism had the opportunity to develop the

concept of a Positive Tourism Hub for regenerative tourism in Amsterdam. 


What is the concept of Positive Tourism Hub?

1. The Hub forms a breeding ground for stakeholders to meet, learn collectively and jointly develop new positive impact products and practices.


2. The Hub has a public function. As part of the Hub we will set up the Positive Tourism Desk that will guide visitors through all the Positive Impact Tourism possibilities. The Desk simultaneously functions as a living lab to test new tourism products and practices in a real-life setting and investigate the keys to success. The Positive Tourism Desk thus forms both a point of sale and an experimental environment that feeds innovation with new knowledge and insights.


3. The Positive Tourism Hub will be the epicentre of collaboration and co-creation to fundamentally change the current visitor economy. As a result, tourism will have an increasingly positive impact on the downtown area, including culture and local entrepreneurs. Our ultimate goal is to create an experimental setting that allows for real-life development, testing and implementation of innovative positive tourism activities, products and services, which in turn will drive a systemic transition towards sustainable and positive impact tourism. Not just in Amsterdam, but ultimately globally.


In collaboration with amsterdam&partners, Inholland, Social Finance Matters, Drop&Go and with the support of the Amsterdam city council, we are shaping and concretising our implementation plan right now. 

We are looking for more partners that want to be part of Positive Tourism Hub. Are you interested to develop new products that enables visitors to make a positive contribution to our city or do you want to promote existing products? Are you a tourism pioneer looking for collaboration, exchange and support? Contact us!

Regenerative Tourism calls for co-creation. We invite pioneers of the visitor economy to join forces, support and learn from each other. Become part of Positive Tourism Hub to shape and inspire the future of tourism!

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Tourban Partner
Reinvent Tourism took part in the 2022/23 Tourban Accelerator Programme
for sustainable urban tourism powered by the European Union

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