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Reframing the future of tourism

2-9 Juni 2021

Reinvent Tourism Festival 2021
How can tourism be of true value to a destination?

Just a little while longer and the tourists will return to Amsterdam. How do we turn this into a celebration - not only for our box office, but also for residents, sustainability and the beauty of our city?
New tourism is co-creation. In this year's festival edition we bring together various innovators of the visitor economy. Join the discussion about the tourism of the future and experience special activities. The majority of the events will be online and some will be live. The sessions will be either in English or Dutch. In the Program Overview you will find information about the language, content, date and time of each session.


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Join the 2nd edition of the Reinvent Tourism Festival 

If you are involved in tourism, either professionally or as a resident, we invite you to participate in all the festival events that appeal to you. Experience and design activities that allow visitors to make a positive contribution to a destination. Meet scientists who will help you with their insights. Get inspired by hotels that connect their guests with the neighborhood. Or work on a revenue model for your sustainable tourism business.





Festival Highlights

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Dream Visitor

What kind of visitor are you, a Heritage Hero or Sustainability Warrior or...?

Take our quiz to find out and get a chance to become Mrs or Mr Dream Visitor!

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Academic Carousel

Expand your view of tourism and get inspired by researchers from different institutions that share their work. A unique opportunity to join the discussion with researchers.


Reinvent Public Space

Let's transform public space to be more green, inclusive, sustainable and fun! Meet innovative pioneers like ROEF or Waag who research and initiate transformation of public space.