Treat yourself with a 9-night stay at this Virtual Hotel and support its staff!

From May 24th to June 1st 

Karimunjawa is an archipelago located in the Java Sea and is called the hidden paradise of Java. The Indonesian Government has officially closed the island since the 17th of March, until further notice. The impact this decision has on the islands inhabitants is huge. Other than fishing, tourism is the main industry on the island, meaning a huge range of people have lost their jobs because many businesses can't continue paying the salaries and the Indonesian government doesn’t provide a Social Welfare System.

Owners of The Happinezz Hills hotel (just opened June 2019), Joyce van den Muijsenberg from The Netherlands and her Indonesian husband Sudar, couldn’t bring themselves to lay off their staff because they know their staff members need their salaries to cover basics needs, such as in food, drinking water and hygiene products. They’ve come up with a unique idea how people can still experience Karimunjawa in times of quarantaine and social distancing.

They opened a Virtual Hotel. By now hundreds of guests have already enjoyed a virtual vacation.


Treat yourself as well with a 9-night stay!

From 24th of May till 1st of June you will get access to a daily video, where you can meet their staff members and they will show you the best beaches on the island. You can choose different activities like kayaking, hiking, diving and snorkeling, and you will get access to the video related to your choice.

Get a taste of Indonesian cuisine by following a cooking workshop from the hotel’s kitchen. They will also teach you some basic Indonesian words, as well as many more fun activities. Help The Happinezz Hills extend the success of this Virtual Hotel and feel free to donate whatever you feel this experience is worth. 100% of the income of this Virtual Hotel is given to the staff and their families.


The staff members are looking forward to welcoming you in the Virtual Hotel!

Support the Staff: 

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24th of May: Welcome and check-in at our Virtual Hotel

We hope you enjoyed your virtual travel to Indonesia. We are happy to welcome you at The Happinezz Hills Karimunjawa. In the first movie we introduce ourselves, show you our themed rooms and we will tell you about all the facilities our hotel has to offer. We hope you will enjoy your virtual stay with us!

25th of May: Introduction Karimunjawa

Curious about Karimunjawa? In our second movie we will tell you about Karimunjawa’s Marine National Park and we will give you a preview of some wonderful hot spots on the island. You will also the live performance of Mas Anta with his special Karimunjawa-song!

26th of May: Hop on the scooter and join us!

Do you want to have an amazing view over Karimunjawa? We will show you the amazing viewpoint Bukit Love. Take some great pictures and buy some beautiful local souvenirs.
Afterwards we will bring you by scooter to the best and most popular beach of Karimunjawa, Sunset beach. Enjoy!

27th of May: Discover the underwater world of Karimunjawa

The guest of the Virtual made a choice today between snorkeling & island hopping tour or diving tour. And they decided..


We will take you on a snorkeling & island hopping trip. You will visit some amazing islands and snorkeling spots. Our staff will guide you around the beautiful colored fish and amazing coral. For lunch the guide will prepare fresh grilled fish on one of the islands. If you are lucky you might even see dolphins!

28th of May: Indonesian class on the beach

Time for Indonesian class!

We will teach you some Indonesian words on the beach. You will
for example learn how to greet locals and how to order food. After the class you can go for a swim in our pool, enjoy a snack and drink our fantastic cocktails!


29th of May: A relaxing or sportive day?

Today you are going hiking. Our hiking guide will take you up the hill and will show you the beautiful view from the top. Afterwards you can explore Karimunjawa by kayak! You can kayak into the mangroves and enjoy an amazing sunset.

30th of May: Visit the local market in the early morning

We will wake you up early and we’ll take you to the local market. This is where we buy all our fresh food and ingredients like fish, vegetables and fruit. Don’t forget to buy some Indonesian sweet snacks, these are really delicious!

30th of May: Indonesian cooking class in the evening

Your last evening, it is time for a cooking class. Our chefs Bu Kana and mbak Wulan will teach you how to make a traditional Indonesian dish called nasi goreng.

31t of May: Time to say good bye


Today is the last movie of your virtual holiday and we hope you have enjoyed your stay at our virtual hotel. After breakfast we will bring you to the harbor. We would like to thank everyone who supported the staff at the hotel, The Happinezz Hills. It was a great pleasure creating these movies and to bring some sunshine during the Corona virus pandemic. We hope to meet you all in real life in hotel The Happinezz Hills Karimunjawa soon!!

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