Tours as a Tool for Change
The Walks: Guided Livestreams
The Talks: Controversial Debates 
Daily 5PM 
Virtuele Tours @ Suriname
New and alternative approaches to the concept of Tours
Daily 11AM 
May 29th 
12PM - 3PM
May 24th 
1.30PM - 6PM
Tours as a Tool for Change introduction
May 25th 
1PM - 2PM
Managing your business: Get ready for the tourism upswing
May 26th 
1PM - 2PM
Mystery City Games Historical Treasure Hunt
May 25th 
May 26th 
The Power of Storytelling
Digital Detox Day
June 1st
May 28th 5PM
Dump or take-away: Toward a future proof tourism beyond corona
June 2nd 1PM
dorpen & plantages
Storytelling tour with former Streetkids
May 28th 11AM

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