How can tourism in Amsterdam contribute to sustainability and connection in the future ?

Our Story


In the beginning of 2018 a group of people from Amsterdam got together to brainstorm how tourism can make a positive impact in the city. It turned out to be the beginning of something bigger, The Untourist Movement that invites visitors to contribute in a positive way to the city while performing fun activities.


Tours that Matter has played an active role within the Untourist Movement sinds 2019. Three passionate ladies started Amsterdam's first positive impact tour company. Together they make sure that every tour contributes to a more beautiful city and a better world.

The Butterfly Impact got involved through the Untourist network sessions. The passionate founder knows how to promote sustainability. She is a pioneer in the development of tourism within the Doughnut Economics.

Different initiatives with the same mission, an innovative mindset, a great set of skills and knowledge, a large and diverse network. We offer a range of products and services that engage people to actively contribute to a better world through tourism.

Our Vision 

Tourism as a driving force for global citizenship, sustainability and local values within and beyond Amsterdam. 

Our Mission 

An innovative and creative community that thrive positive impact tourism - in Amsterdam and beyond. As an independent collective of stakeholders from the tourism industry, we work together to co-create sustainable and future resilient concepts. 

Our Role


We will Reinvent tourism that contributes to the economic development, as well as the planet and society.


We inspire and connect pioneers by organizing inspiration sessions, a festival, activities and workshops. 


We bring residents, visitors and other interested parties together in a community to co-create. 


We develop new concepts, exchange best practices and consult our community to rediscover meaningful tourism. 

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