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Let us introduce you to our families from Bali, Mexico, India, Indonesia & Kenya. Sign up & Share your meal. 

Share A Meal Experience with Wayan and his family from Bali

Lunch 1PM (CEST) @ Wednesday May 27th 

Om suastiastu, my name is Wayan from the beautiful island nation of Indonesia.

I live with my wife and two young daughters in a Balinese compound in Bangli, which lies in the heart of Bali. I have always had a passion for food and love to share our diverse and traditional Balinese cuisine with people from around the world. In Balinese cuisine, we use a wide variety of herbs, which also act as a type of traditional medicine, which grows in the wild surrounding our community. We would love to share a meal with you and teach our culinary traditions and in turn, would love to hear more about your story and special culinary traditions as well!

Share A Meal Experience with Kuldip and his family from India

Breakfast 8.30AM (CEST) @ Monday May 25th 

Namaste, my name is Kuldip Gadhvi. And I was born and raised in Bhuj, in the state of Gujarat, which lies in West India. The area that I live in, known as Kutch, is recognized for its unique customs, traditions, faith, beliefs and most interesting of all - the people's harmonious existence with their cattle. Through my life experiences, I have become very passionate about sharing my love and knowledge of Kutch and as a result, started hosting and guiding people from around the world through our region. I would love to share a meal with you to hear more about your culture and also tell you more about my story, culture, and cherished traditions! 

Share A Meal Experience with Benjamin from Kenya

Lunch 12PM (CEST) @ Friday May 29th 

Hi, I am Benjamin and I am from the bustling city of Nairobi, Kenya. I am passionate about facilitating cross-cultural understanding and learning more about other cultures from around the world. One way that I do this is through a local community organization that I established, which is focused on empowering local people within Kibera, which is one of the largest informal settlements in Africa. I would love to share a meal with you and exchange life stories, talk about our cultures, our culinary delicacies, and much, much more! 

Share A Meal Experience with Payal from India

Lunch 12PM (CEST) @ Tuesday June 2nd

I am Payal and I live I Jaipur where I run a home cooking class and a bed & breakfast. I am fond of cooking and would love to share our rich Indian food culture with you. I have put everything up in a homey setting that really gives a peek into Indian life. 

Share A Meal Experience with Rekha from Nepal

Lunch 1PM (CEST) @ Sunday May 31th 

I am Rekha and I live with my husband, 3 biological children and 16 orphan girls in Pokhara, Nepal. Normally I provide home cooking classes via I Like Local to create a way of income to take care of all these children. I teach typical Nepali food like Dal Bhat, Momo’s, Puri and much more. Nepal has a distinguished cuisine that is full of flavor. A lot of people fall in love with the Nepali food.  

I would love to share more about our cuisine and our way of life during this Share A Meal experience. I hope to see you!

Share A Meal with Lalo from Oaxaca, Mexico 

Dinner 6PM (CEST) @ Thursday May 28th 

I hope I don’t offend you when I say when you Dutchies don’t know how to make

a taco. Worse, you don’t even know what it is! You think a taco is this curved hard shell, that you buy in the supermarket in a packet of 10. I’d love to share with you how to make authentic, delicious, Mexican fish tacos and
share some of my culture with you. Join my online class!


My name is Eduardo Vera (or Lalo, as they commonly call me over here), I’m a chef and I work together with Hotel con Corazón, a social enterprise and Dutch initiative in Oaxaca, in the South of Mexico. To find out more about me, check my Instagram:

Now, let’s get our hands dirty! Sign up through the link below. For a small contribution you receive the list of ingredients you need for the class, and you can cook along. (If not, also fine, feel free to just join in with a glass of wine and take notes).

*It would be great if you could make a voluntary contribution for participating in the class (suggested amount: anything from 5 to 20 Euro), using the following link.

I will donate part of the revenues to the education program of Hotel con Corazón.

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