Here is an overview of the program, coloured with our 5 themes: 

< < < digital tourism

reinvent destination amsterdam > > >

< < < reinvent hotels

tours as a tool for change  > > >

painting the future of tourism > > >

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Discover our five themes:

Digital Tourism

Visit our virtual festival desk, practice yoga on the beach of Bali, listen to stories in Surinam and visit a Museum@Home in England – all in one day. While we are physically confined to our homes and their surroundings, the internet allows us to enjoy other places and cultures without limit. 

Tours as a

Tool for Change

Explore new places in the live walks, discover new perspectives in the in-depth talks. Let inspiring guides take you on journeys that will change your view - experience how tours can be used as a tool for change.

Reinvent Destination Amsterdam

Tot voor kort klaagden we in Amsterdam over de drukte, nu zijn de straten leeg. We genieten van de rust maar missen ook de inkomsten. Het is een mooi moment om de koppen bij elkaar te steken en ons voor te stellen hoe we het toerisme hierna willen vormgeven.

Painting the

Future of Tourism

After a surge of tourism in recent years, we are now in a position to reflect. What are the advantages and disadvantages of intense global leisure travel? The empty canvas invites us to paint a new picture, of sustainable tourism.



In absence of foreign guests, we notice who were there all along: the locals. Perhaps hotels can offer services to the neighbourhood, act as a catalyst for sustainable development and even offer attractive vacations to those around the corner.