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Let's Relax & Reflect on Monday June 1st

After enjoying an amazing week full of inspiring workshops, walks, talks and other experiences we invite you to take time today to reflect on all the ideas and feelings it has brought you. Let your imagination wander...

We will see you back on the 2nd of June to round up our 11 days together.

Feeling inspired to visit some of the things you’ve seen at the Festival in real life? Visit a community garden, go check out the street art on the NDSM or visit a different Red Light District. See the city with new eyes and fresh perspectives!

Gardens and other cool places to visit. Here a few tips and links:
We Live Here

Clean up your street or nearby park (Trash Hero initiative)

Mario Trakteert Touristic businesses in Amsterdam get quite some criticism. Would you like to rethink how these businesses can create more value for the city?  Mario is inviting you to share your ideas on how his businesses; Dolce & Gelato, Mama Pancake and the Chipsy King can make Amsterdammers Happy? 

Inviting all locals to think along, giving free pancakes, fries & ice-cream, in return of suggestions. 

Share your reflections with the festival desk on Tuesday June 2nd or drop us a note.

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